Graduate and Volume Recruitment

Graduate Recruitment and Other Volume Recruitment

We can help you design and deploy the right assessments for your key applicant groups. We can also help you identify future leadership potential, to fill your current quota and also invest in people who will prove to be a longer-term asset to your business.

We can support volume recruitment with engaging, high-impact assessments that give candidates a brilliant experience of their potential new employer. We can help at the process design stage with ideas on how to make the most efficient use of recruiters time and also the time of candidates - who may be applying to other recruiters. Our support could help you perhaps with assessment centre exercise design or production of tailored psychometric reports that help interviewers to focus on the core role competences to boost the predictive power of interviews and ensure the best use of interviewers time. Our consultants can provide professional training to all your recruiting managers and help you deliver the actual events.