Business Values Development

Developing A Core Values Model

Understanding, and making explicit the underlying values and strengths of your organisation can help you to build a more effective business. Tapping into this underlying DNA that can drive and motivate employees will create greater engagement and stronger business results. Achieve greater retention and avoid risk by using a values-based recruitment approach.

Creating a clear model of your business values can help drive greater employee engagement a higher performing business culture. A Values Model can operate in all areas of people strategy. Using a values-based recruitment approach can de-risk recruitment by attracting and selecting new starters who share your organisations core values and sense of purpose. Recruiting candidates who show the right values increases retention and engagement metrics. Values, in combination with more behaviourally-based competences, can also form the backbone of performance appraisals and leadership development interventions.

Our approach is highly consultative, involving your people as far as practicable in contributing towards the model. Projects to develop a values model can be highly engaging and empowering exercises for everyone involved, and help align people and their behaviour more closely towards achieving the business's objectives.