Online Virtual Assessment

Virtual Remote Assessment of Candidates Online

Virtual remote candidate assessment can be deployed online, retaining the validity and impact of your existing process or creating an opportunity for a new, more efficient solution in times of COVID-19. We can help you create a safe, convenient and professional assessment methodology for all your stakeholders.

Virtual Online Assessment Centre ExercisesWhether you need a comprehensive, online assessment centre with multiple behavioural exercises or an executive leadership assessment with an interview or perhaps a case study or presentation - we can help you deliver brilliant, engaging virtual events.

Remote assessments can be delivered in a highly efficient way, retaining full validity and making a positive impact on your candidates. In fact, the new-normal of conducting business remotely via technology presents a fantastic opportunity to conduct much more efficient and effective assessments of your candidates.  

Consider how much easier remote assessments and interviews can be. No more trying to get all candidates and assessors together on the same day, no more need to consider travel or accommodation requirements, no more needing to find and book a large number of rooms, or trying to bend the laws of physics to accommodate everything and everyone into a tight timetable!

Benefits of Virtual Assessment Centres

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