Competency Based Interviewing

Competency Based Interview Skills Training

The value of using structured and behavioural-based interview techniques is now well established. Maximise your staff retention and engagement by ensuring your people are recruiting the best people in the first place. We can help you refresh your recruitment process and roll-out the necessary professional training to enable your managers to become professional, objective recruiters.

Conducting interviews structured around competences enables recruiters and line managers to more objectively and accurately evaluate the suitability of candidates and therefore improve the quality of our selection decisions.

These more objective interviewing techniques are vital for a fair, accurate assessment. They minimise the subjectivity that can creep into interviewing and help interviewers focus on the factors that make a real difference to job performance, rather than being distracted by superficial characteristics, biases or personal preferences.

The outcome of our process design and training will be to introduce a consistent, evidence-based approach to both interviewing and using the competences throughout the business that adheres to best practice guidelines, avoids risks of bad hires, and ensures compliance with employment and information/data legislation.