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We are Occupational Psychologists who can fix business problems and help you realise your Talent and People objectives. We are collaborative, responsive business partners.

Lets help your people be often as possible.

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What we bring to our talent management consultancy

High-Impact Experiences

Any selection or development event is ultimately a social experience. We design this experience to be brilliant for all involved: for your job candidates, your development cohort, and also any managers who are supporting your programme, e.g. observers. We want to deliver interventions that are celebrated in your business. Showcase your brand and attract the high-potential candidates. In a recruitment situation, after all - it’s the job-seeker that makes the final decision.

Valid, Deliver Measureable Results

As Chartered Psychologists we take a scientific approach, using only reliable and proven tools to make the important, high-stakes decisions that affect peoples’ lives. We help businesses to comply with their legal obligations by providing defensible methods that provide demonstrable value. Even when we are breaking new ground, we will build on a body of evidence and systematic thought.

Innovative and Fresh

There is no point trying to coach your people to be agile and innovative, if your HR/Talent interventions aren’t. Our clients tell us we are refreshing because we embrace new ideas and make them happen – we don’t push solutions off the shelf. Assessment and development interventions need to signpost your employer brand, and role-model the expectations you want to convey to your candidates or your internal colleagues.

Positive, Strengths-Focused

Research shows that people deliver great results when they are given the opportunity to do what they do best – as often as possible. Much of our approach focuses on harnessing strengths rather than detecting and highlighting weaknesses. People often take their strengths for granted. They are rarely a problem - they ‘oil the wheels’. We bring these sometimes hidden resources into plain sight and help people make the most of them.

Inclusive, Maximising Opportunity

Ensuring everyone has the best, and equal opportunity to demonstrate their strengths at work is not just an ethical standpoint – it’s a business necessity. Utilising diversity in its widest sense is key to successful, agile organisations of this century. This means ensuring all people-processes are designed to harness the differences of cultural and social backgrounds – and also of thinking style, personality and approach.

Data Security, Confidentiality and Integrity

The professional stewardship of our clients, candidates and participants personal data is our number one priority. We are specialists in using information technology to ensure we safeguard sensitive commercial or psychological data. The only thing more important than our reputation – is yours.